Mudrock and AGE-2 coming to Gundam Versus, Atlas Gundam and Zeydra trailers released


The DLC train keeps a rolling, all night long

Hot off the heels of the announcement of four DLC characters for November, Bandai Namco has announced two more mobile suits for the game. In addition, they released trailers for two of the DLC characters for November. The two newcomers are somewhat predictable, being Mudrock Gundam and AGE-2 to go with their counterparts releasing in November.

Of course, they also come with the same problems in regards to content and pricing.

First we have the trailer for Atlas Gundam. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the mobile suit in action, as I haven’t gotten around to Thunderbolt yet, but it’s a unique design to say the least. Would it be wrong to call it the hoverskate Gundam?

Next we have the trailer for Zeydra. Not going to lie, I’m not too excited for it as I haven’t seen AGE yet. That being said, it comes with multiple strikers so I may pick it up down the road.

Now for our new characters. Just like the Zaku 1, Mudrock will be coming with the bare minimum. However, it would appear that it will include another song from Zeonic Front. AGE-2 on the other hand is just like the other mobile suits from AGE. It will come with four extra strikers with no overlapping content except for an emblem. But while it has additional music, it’s the same song that Zeydra and AGE-1 come with so your mileage will vary depending on whether or not you picked up the other characters.

Mudrock Gundam and AGE-2 will be releasing on December 5 worldwide at the regular price. Yes that’s right, in a rare instance of communication, Namco has confirmed it’s a same-day release worldwide. However, as per usual, there are no bundles in sight, which is getting to be a problem because with those two characters, the game will be at 18 DLC characters with no signs of stopping. It’s past the point of being acceptable — that’s higher than some fighting games’ initial rosters!