Murder women in SJW Riot: Troops vs Women – in Video Game


‘Terrorising men, just for being men’

An Indiegogo campaign for a new game called SJW Riot: Troops vs Women – in Video Game, in which social justice warriors — who are apparently only women — have “lost their mind, again, and are terrorising men” according to the game’s description, “There will be many men to save, and lot’s of damsel women with boob running around – because we all love boob, boob is life.” The damsels are topless and very endowed.

A disclaimer at the bottom of the page partially reads: “I want to create this fun game for people to have fun. I do not support harassment of women, or sexism, or misogyny; I support creative freedom in games. The topical themes in this game are used for entertainment purposes…”

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The whole premise of the game and the campaign surrounding it seems designed just to induce rage while making a buck off the anti-social justice crowd: women are either painted a sex-negative zealots or as walking pairs of tits, the campaign video uses footage of Anita Sarkeesian with her face concealed by a pixel face, and men are being terrorized just for being men. While it may seem comical to some, there are those that really honestly feel that way, and this will probably just encourage them.

To say that the “topical themes are used for entertainment purposes” seems disingenuous, when clearly it is to get people’s attention and cause a “SJW Riot” in an attempt to cater to a certain well known hashtag.

I’m sure this one won’t get funded though, because surely the people who decry politics in their video games wouldn’t back a game purely based on politics in their video games — no one likes a hypocrite.

SJW Riot: Troops vs Women – in Video Game[Indiegogo]