My magical journey at E3 2015


Also, say hello to Gage

You may not have noticed from my complete and total lack of appearance in the pictures in this post, but I was at E3 2015. It was my first E3 and it was pretty alright. *shrugs harshly*I had a good time getting to meet: heroes, enemies, booth babes, the Dtoid team and lots of homeless people, huzzah! While I was there I got some videos with me and my lovely boyfriend Gage, as well as a few pictures, so scope these out with your vision balls why don’t you?

Day one of E3 was a mess of us being really busy, so no fun video of that, but day two we had some down time to be silly. We got to check out some indie games, Star Wars Battlefrontand what not, as well as this really sexy looking cock in the Farming Simulator booth. Spoilers: We didn’t find Kanye. If watch closely, you can see a bit of significant other sass in the video above — what other gaming site could you get that kind of entertainment with your gaming?

On the third day of E3 Dark Souls gave to me, three golden booth babes and this montage of all the other ridiculous eye-candy at various booths. Laura Kate Dale and I got to meet the Nintendo muppets, and Charles Martinet, akathe voice of Mario, who did a cool Wario voice for us. Wario is the best Mario character, let’s be honest. I also got to experience the insane boob physics of Chun-Li in Street Fighter V.

We were deciding who won E3 when our camera died halfway through, causing us to have to film a steamy session in our hotel room in bed. Don’t worry though, it is totally safe for work. *wink wink*

Also no use in arguing, the decision has already been made and a lot of people are salty about who we chose as the winner of E3 because it certainly wasn’t Sony in our book. Gage doesn’t totally agree with me on who the winner is either, yet we are still a couple…for now.

Last and certainly least, a few members of the Dtoid team went to the PC Gaming conference. It was a complete and total hell of nearly three hours of sitting in the most painfully hard chairs our asses had ever graced. It was so bad that during the showI started an Indiegogo campaign to save my and Laura’s asses from the unforgiving torture they were withstanding. So far we are up to $1 and only need $1,999 more to hit our goal.