My Nintendo has a DKC: Tropical Freeze quest worth 100 platinum coins


And I have all the answers!

While taking a quick look through Twitter, I saw that My Nintendo currently had a quest based around Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Put on the website to celebrate the launch of the Switch port, this quest tasks you with finding all of the KONG letters on the site. While it is a fairly easy quest, I figured I would solve it and then post all the answers to help you guys nab some quick coins. You sadly won’t have much to spend them on, but looking at the pretty stylish website is cool enough.

If you’d like to solve this without a guide, then don’t scroll down any further. Just head on over to the Tropical Freeze website and get hunting. For everyone else, here we go!

Celebrate the release of #DonkeyKong Country: Tropical Freeze by earning #MyNintendo points with The Quest for Kong! Find the letters K-O-N-G throughout the website to earn 100 Platinum Points:

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) May 4, 2018

The first letter is on the very first page of the website. You’ll probably have to be legally blind to miss it, but the K is sitting between a posing Funky Kong and some information about the co-op mode (which is a blast).

Next, you’ll need to navigate to the top of the page and select “Save DK Island.” If you’re using a 1080p monitor, you’ll probably see the O without having to scroll down. The letter is lodged into a frozen tree behind a portrait of the Snowmads. Just click the frozen letter a few times and you’ll have two of the four letters down.

Next, scroll back up and select “Meet the Kongs.” From here, you’ll actually have to scroll down until you get to Diddy. Right next to DK’s sidekick is a box that is jumping around a bit. Click it and your N will be ready for the taking.

Finally, scroll back up and click on “Buy Now” (how cheeky). This one I actually overlooked at first, but you’ll see a barrel on top of the information box for the digital version. Click that and the G will get shot across the site. Nab that and the 100 coins are yours!

In typical Nintendo fashion, there isn’t actually anything Donkey Kong related to spend your coins on. You can nab some 3DS themes with Mario and Luigi’s mustaches, though. I know that is the next best thing to Donkey Kong…Anyway, this was a fun little diversion for five minutes and I’m hoping we’ll eventually get some Switch related goodies to spend coins on. Maybe then these 100 coins will get put to use.

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