My Nintendo has a new mission for points, but it's pretty lame


Two points per day

As we talked about the other day, and in the past at length, My Nintendo has been met with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Either way, anecdotally, I’ve noticed a huge dropoff in Miitomo participation in the past few months, and Nintendo is addressing it in part with a new mission for the service.

Don’t get too excited though, because it’s really underwhelming. Yep, if you answer the featured question of the day, you’ll net a whopping two points.That’s in addition to a +5 bonus for changing your clothes daily, a +5 for giving three answers a day, +10 for earning five hearts daily, +10 for getting five daily comments, and +5 for listening to 10 answers. Which means that on a daily basis, you can now earn 37 points.

That’s uh…too much effort for me. Miitomo has ran its course.

Missions [My Nintendo]