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My Nintendo is getting some spooky rewards for October

Imagine if it had physical rewards

Although this October My Nintendo promotion just reminds me of the days of old when Club Nintendo had that badass Luigi’s Mansionstatue, it does have a few cute additions worth glancing at.

As part of the spooky holiday season, Nintendo is offering Platinum Points by way of a hide and seek minigame on their website featuring those classic asshole enemies: the Boos. There’s also a calendar and wallpapers on offer, as well as “Trick or Treat” retro and “Jack-o’-Lantern” themes on the 3DS. Discounts are a go as well, ranging from 20% to 50% select 3DS and Wii U games in exchange for Gold Points (the useful ones that basically translate as straight cash).

You can peek at every discount in the gallery below, but I’d recommend Majora’s Mask 3D and Wind Waker HDif you don’t have them already.

G-g-ghosts! [My Nintendo]

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