My Nintendo is offering a seven-day free trial for Switch Online through January 31


Just sign in!

Hark! Another Switch Online trial is upon us.

In addition to the previous Twitch Prime offer (which required you to be a Prime member), Nintendo is now directly giving everyone access to a Switch Online trial. It’s a seven-day membership, and you can activate it at any time from now through January 31, 2020 (maybe save it for a rainy day during winter break!).

If you already have a membership, you’re out of luck as the offer only works for new subscribers (you could always make a new account for a family member), and you need to turn off automatic renewals for your account to avoid getting got.

There is one tiny catch: you need 100 Platinum Points to redeem the offer. You can get 30 by literally just signing in, 10 through turning on promotional emails and 50 points each for locating hidden Poochy Pups on this site.

Check out the “missions” section for yourself to earn some easy points. You can find two spoilers for the 100 points below!

Nintendo Switch Online – 7 Day Trial [My Nintendo]

Poochy Pup locations (50 points each):

  • Go to the storyportion of the site, then scroll to the bottom. Look for it in the bush right above the end of the page.
  • Go to the characters page, then scroll to the bottom. Look for it hiding in the box with the open slit.
  • Go to the explore the world page, then scroll to the bottom (see a pattern?!). Look for it hiding behind the Shy Guys in the foreground.