My Nintendo just restocked several coveted physical rewards


The Xenoblade phone ring holder and the Dodo Airlines shopping bag are the big ones

Now that My Nintendo has physical rewards, I’ve been combing it every day to look for updates or new stuff. It paid off!

To be clear, no new merch has been added thus far this week, but the headline took care of that. Rather, several instantly-sold-out items have been restocked on the store, giving folks a second chance to nab them.

Specifically, the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Phone Ring Holder(500 Platinum Points) and the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dodo Airlines Shopping Bag(800 Platinum Points) are back in stock. Those two came in different waves (respectively), but sold out very quickly.

The Xenoblade sticker sheets (300), Tom Nook Shopping Bag (800), and New Horizons Leaf Bandana (600) are also in again. Sadly, the Mario 3D All-StarsPoster Set (800) and the Animal CrossingTook Nook keychain (1000) are still sold out. Rewards have been coming in at a decent cadence, so maybe we can expect some Age of Calamitymerch soon.

As a reminder, you can instantly earn some free points through the Pikmin 3challenges, as well as logging into the eShop with your 3DS or Wii U weekly.

Nintendo Store Rewards [My Nintendo]