My Nintendo offers printable Super Mario Party dice, party hats



Super Mario Party isn’t a huge leap forward for the franchise but it’s a welcome shift. For a long while the series was a shadow of its former self, and for the first time in years there’s promise. Nintendo is leaning into that resurgence with some new My Nintendo goodies.

If you’re up for it, you can print some party hats (Luigi, Mario, Bowser, Peach and a logo), a dice block, or grab a wallpaper. The former two are arts and crafts projects that you can nab the designs for (the dice is free, the party hats are 30 Platinum Points) and the latter goes for 50 Platinum Points. If you’re low on Points you can “Find Toadette” for a handful.

If you’re interested (or bored at work) there’s a bunch of other micro activities regarding Super Mario Partyon the Play Nintendo site.

Celebrate the launch of Super Mario Party with fun activities and rewards [My Nintendo]