My Nintendo has an alternative box art cover for Triangle Strategy


Add some variety to that brand-new boxed copy

Triangle Strategy came out today for the Nintendo Switch, and if you already want different art on the cover, My Nintendo has you covered. An alternative box art cover for Triangle Strategy is up on the service right now.

For the price of 30 Platinum Points, you can redeem the art for your account. Then download the file and head to your nearest printer, preferably with a letter-sized glossy sheet of paper. As Nintendo notes, the case comes separately—though you could also print it and put it on this fancy eight-game Switch card case.

Printable – TRIANGLE STRATEGY alternative box art is 30 Platinum Points on My Nintendo

— Wario64 (@Wario64) March 4, 2022

These kinds of My Nintendo rewards are certainly nothing new. Splatoon 2 got an alternate version with the Octoling Expansion, to commemorate the extra squid content. My favorite was the Octopath Traveler alternative set, which offered eight different cover options—one for each of the game’s eight protagonists.

Triangle Strategy just launched today, and honestly, I think it has some pretty good cover art (seen here on the GameStop site). But also, this art looks good too. Maybe just having options is worth it? This one does have both the lead character, Serenoa, and his three closest companions on the front, with some really beautiful art.

We’ve got a review-in-progress of Square Enix’s tactical RPG live right here. Right now, it feels like something very worth checking out for anyone who enjoys political thriller stories and grid-based tactics. Plus, the HD-2D art style is back in full force. It looks pretty darn nice on that OLED screen.