Myst developer's Firmament hits Kickstarter goal


Cyan Inc. looking into allowing fans to continue pledging

Cyan’s latest adventure title, Firmament, has hit its Kickstarter goal for funding. Coming in with a buzzer beater, the title was falling roughly half a million short of its $1,285,000 funding goal until a tremendous final stretch pushed it over the line. The campaign is now completed, though Cyan Inc. is looking into ways for fans to continue supporting the game if they wish.

As for what Firmament is, think a steampunk take on the Myst series. Much like Cyan’s last title, Obduction, Firmament will support both VR and non-VR and allow you and an AI companion to explore a large island and solve puzzles. The change in aesthetic should make for a visually resplendent experience, which is precisely what Cyan has specialized in for almost 30 years now.

Firmament is expected to launch in July 2020 for PC. There’s no news on any console ports, though it’s likely too early to even discuss that.

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