N++ is coming to Switch after all


In just two weeks

N++and its 4,340 levels will soon be capable of frustrating you anywhere, anytime. Metanet’s masterpiece of precision platforming madness is releasing on Nintendo Switch on May 24 for $14.99.

It doesn’t seem as though this version offers anything new apart from what’s already included in the Ultimate Edition that’s available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. That’s okay, though. This game is already big enough as is.

It’s a bit of a surprise this is happening at all, though. Soon after the Switch launched, Metanet revealed that Nintendo was pushing back against an N++port. Nintendo said it was “focusing on games that sell systems” at the time. We’re evidently far enough away from the launch window (or the Switch ended up selling enough systems) that N++is finally welcome by Nintendo.