Namco registers One Piece, Naruto, & Short Peace domains


Potential localizations loom on the horizon

Namco Bandai’s European wing recently registered a new set of domains, unearthing eight titles that potentially could see western releases in the not too distant future.

The batch includes a domain for a Short Peace game, indicating a possible localization forRanko Tsukigime’s Longest Day, the final chapter inKatsuhiro Otomo’s anime anthology from No More Heroes creator Suda 51,Silent Hillcomposer Akiya Yamaoka,Tokyo Jungledirector Yohei Kataoka,andFire Emblem: AwakeningillustratorYusuke Kozaki.

The domains also include Nintendo 3DS action adventure title One Piece: Unlimited World Red,Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures,and something called Naruto Revolution, which might be a free-to-play fighting game à laTekken Revolution could be a free-to-play title, amongst other titles.

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