Naoto Shirogane, Detective Prince, is packing heat for Persona Q2


Now let me explain everything that just happened. Again.

Master of investigation and endless repeater of exposition, Naoto Shirogane is the next character to receive a short trailer, announcing their arrival in upcoming 3DS RPG, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

Naoto is one of Persona 4’s most popular characters. The “Detective Prince” shows up at Yasogami High while on the trailer of a mysterious killer. Although very young, Naoto comes from a long bloodline of famous detectives, and is already proven to be an expert in deduction as well as highly-skilled in combat. Despite Naoto’s fairly dry demeanor, occasionally lacking self-confidence, Naoto is proven time and again to be a brave and trusted ally.

The new trailer lets us catch a glimpse of Naoto in action, and is the third trailer in the Persona Q2 series, following on from Persona 3’s Junpei and Persona 5’s Morgana. Get settled, this is gonna be a pretty long series.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth launches on Nintendo 3DS in Japan November 29. There has been no word yet on a Western localisation.