Naughty Dog clarifies The Last of Us 2 rumours


‘I guess Nolan North was kind of right’

Naughty Dog has clarified rumours regarding a sequel to 2013’s highly acclaimed The Last of Us.

Talking to Official PlayStation Magazine (viaGamesRadar), Neil Druckmann explained that while a sequel may have been discussed, nothing’s underway… yet.

“When Bruce [Straley, game director] and I moved over to Uncharted 4, we were brainstorming ideas for The Last Of Us 2 with new characters; ideas for The Last Of Us 2with Joel and Ellie; ideas for a sci-fi game; ideas for a fantasy game, and building prototypes for each one of those ideas,” said Druckmann. “And just as we were getting close to settling or narrowing that list down, we were asked to work on Uncharted 4.”

Fuel was added to the speculative fire when voice actor Nolan North commented that he knew the team was working on a sequel, and Naughty Dog writer Josh Scherr referred to the game as “the first” The Last of Us.

“You know, there’s a part of me that’s really looking forward to going back to those things, but I have no cycles left in my mind even to be thinking about that right now!” Druckmann added.

“So, I guess [North] was kind of right in that we were working on stuff, but we don’t know what we’re doing next and we won’t know until probably a few months after we finish Uncharted 4.”