NBA 2K17 predicts Warriors beat the Cavs with Game 7 blowout


A nail biter ’til the end

2K has simulated the NBA Finals in NBA 2K17, giving the championship to the Golden State Warriors following a Game 7 blowout led by a 41-point effort from Kevin Durant.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors face off tonight at 6PM PST for the third-straight year. Two years ago, the Warriors won. Last year, despite Steph Curry’s insane 3-point shooting and the Warriors having the best record in NBA history, the team managed to blow a 3-1 lead and lose the NBA championship. It was rough. For me personally, it was only slightly helped by the fact that I was in LA for E3 during the loss and could assuage my spirit with a shit ton of free booze.

The Warriors haven’t lost a single game in these playoffs thus far and the LeBron James’ Cavs have only lost a single game. NBA 2K17 has the Warriors losing tonight to even that out. At the start of the year, NBA 2K17‘s simulation had the Cavs beating the Warriors in seven games.

This meeting has been preordained and the interminable, wasting wreck of these “playoffs” has only been in sacrifice to what we are about to see. I don’t see how the Cavs can win, but I thought that last year, too.