NBA Live 20 isn't happening this year after all


EA is prioritizing next-gen for NBA Live

NBA Live fans can’t catch a break. During an earnings report today, EA revealed that NBA Live 20 has been canceled following a delay back in July. Now, the series is jumping ahead to next-gen consoles.

“New consoles are always an opportunity to drive more innovation in our EA Sports games, as our fans are eager to begin experiencing a new generation of play,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson told investors. “That will include our plans for NBA Live.”

“With great support from the NBA and NBPA, we had been working on an innovative new direction for our game timed with the All-Star weekend – an experience designed around new ways for players to engage, connect, and create through basketball,” he explained.

“Now, with greater understanding of the new platforms and what they can power – bringing social connection, accessibility, and player creativity to the forefront – we feel we can go so much further with the new design. So we’ve decided not to ship an NBA Live game in [fiscal year 2020].”

This isn’t the first NBA Live cancellation and it surely won’t be the last. We’ll see what comes of the series when EA shares details about the new game “next year.” Considering that NBA 2K20 is the best-selling video game of the year in the US, the NBA Live team is surely feeling the pressure to deliver.

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