NBA2K15 face scanner has borne creatures that beg for death


Spooky stories to tell in the dark

At least Madden‘s glitches were funny. This is more like The Fly, or the chimera in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Joe the Plumber as a Cenobite that likes the Blazers. Stuff of nightmares.

— Robert Silverman (@BobSaietta) October 7, 2014

@Ronnie2K #bruh really? Lmao this was my attempt on the face scan😒😒😒

— Voodoo Child (@JPOlO23) October 7, 2014

@bradley221dixon face scan on 2k15!!! Haha

— Shannah Williams (@Shannah221) October 7, 2014

@Ronnie2K the face scan is wack. The future is not here my time has not come what is this bruh

— Mike Chue ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ (@iammikechue) October 7, 2014

.@seth_rosenthal putting in my entry for worst 2k face scan. Pic doesn’t capture the terror of watching him blink.

— Andrew Chesley (@andrewchesley) October 7, 2014

@Ronnie2K I don’t look like Scottie Pippen bro #2KFacescan #facescan

— its lit (@JimmyIsPrez) October 7, 2014

When you go to meet ya Twitter boo at the club and she leave with another nigga

— Daríus (@AirGordon_) October 7, 2014

Hey @NBA2K this face scan is pretty busted. How’s my face look @LD2K @Ronnie2K lol.

— Sang Frais (@SangFrais) October 7, 2014

The early NBA 2K15 face scanner results are wonderful, hideous monsters [SB Nation]