Need another TurboGrafx-16 Mini controller? 8BitDo has wireless gamepads


They’re $25 a pop and they work on Switch too

I’m not in the market for a TurboGrafx-16 Mini – not yet. But something tells me the novelty-fueled mini console will end up at my place eventually, and when that time comes, I’ll want a secondary controller for Bomberman. As Chris noted in his review, the $100 system only comes with one gamepad.

If you’re thinking of getting another TurboGrafx-16 controller, you should consider the 8BitDo line.

We made wireless controllers for all 3 TurboGrafx-16 mini consoles. Plug and play wireless, zero lag – 2.4g. It even has turbo functionality and instant home menu access.

Pre order yours on Amazon now for $24.99:

— 8BitDo (@8BitDo) April 21, 2020

The company is coming out with three wireless controllers – one styled after the TurboGrafx-16 Mini, one for the PC Engine Mini, and one for the PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini. They’ll be available on May 20, 2020, for $24.99 each on Amazon. You can take your pick. Mix and match if you want to be wild.

These designs aren’t exact replicas of the official Konami-made gamepads that are bundled with the regional mini consoles, but they aren’t necessarily out of place, either. They’ll fit right in – and the added functionality is hard to resist. Nintendo Switch compatibility is a nice (on-brand for 8BitDo) bonus.

I’ve seen people start to ask for a TG16 / PCE wireless Retro Receiver. That’d be a good next step.

Have any of you gotten your hands on a TurboGrafx-16 Mini yet? I was planning to wait until the price went down even slightly, but with shipping delays, it could be a long time before any discounts hit.