Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection compilation headed to Switch, includes SvC: Match of the Millennium


A collection of rare titles at an affordable price

SNK has announced that it will be compiling its recent Neo Geo Pocket Color re-releases for an all-in-one compilation for Nintendo Switch. The publisher did not announce a release date nor a price for the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection, with more information arriving “in the coming weeks.”

The compilation will include the six previously released NGPC titles. This includes Samurai Shodown! 2, SNK Gals’ Fighters, King of Fighters R-2, Fatal Fury: First Contact, The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny, and finally the just-released SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium. All of the above titles are currently available for around $8 each, it remains to be seen whether the compilation will offer the set at a discount.

Regardless of the price, many of the above titles – particularly SVC: MotM and Gals’ Fighters – can rarely be found in the original NGPC format outside of expensive boutique outlets and online auctions, so it’s been one of the recent years’ small victories to see these very slick, cool, and hugely underplayed titles made available to fans at affordable prices once again. The Neo Geo Pocket Color might not have been a success, but the creativity utilized in order to shrink down SNK’s huge library of fighters to pocket-size deserves to be preserved for current and future generations. Hopefully more NGPC titles are en route.