Netflix wants to talk about video games at E3


Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life

Netflix, a streaming content provider, is going to E3, a convention dedicated to video games. Why? Because Netflix wants to have a bigger presence within video games.

Netflix has announced that it’ll be hosting a panel at E3 called “Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games.” It’ll take place on Wednesday, June 12 at 12pm Pacific. Here’s the description for the panel: “Join us as we bring together game developers and show creators who are feeding fan passion by adapting Netflix original content into video games.”

The sole confirmed title is the Stranger Thingsgame that will follow the events of the third season. There’s an expectation that Netflix will devote some time to interactive experiences like Bandersnatch and the Bear Grylls choose your own adventure thing. But, Netflix also explicitly uses the term “video games.” There’s surely something more substantial up its sleeve. Netflix didn’t seem like a likely candidate to bring video game news to E3, but E3 season is all about surprises.

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