New Backbone announced for 2022


Thank goodness. This old backbone has gotten worn out

Today, publisher Raw Fury announced that a new game in the Backbone series is on its way. Before you get too excited, however, said announcement was made by way of teaser, so there’s very little information. In fact, it’s just called New Backbone Game right now.

If you don’t remember, Backbone is a visually striking game noir released back in June. It features anthropomorphic animals discovering the disturbing truth of their class-based social structure. I was lucky enough to get the chance to review it, and I found that it was a promising concept with a decent delivery, but it didn’t quite live up to its potential. I’m happy that Egg Nut is returning to take another swing at it with a New Backbone game, and I’m hopeful that they’ll nail it this time.

For now, we just have a video of a festive, snowy city street. It shows some familiar locations from the series’ dystopian future Vancouver, British Columbia. The previous game ended with a lot of things in the greater plot unresolved, so there are a lot of places a new game can take the narrative. There were also a lot of characters left standing, so it will be interesting who fills the protagonist’s shoes this time around.

Aside from that, we know the new Backbone is coming in 2022. It’s enough to get me excited, but I’ll probably forget about it until we see something more substantial. Hopefully, that will be soon! For now, you can check out the original Backbone on PC, Playstation 4/5, and Xbox.