New behind-the-scenes video looks at Kratos' dramatic journey to God of War


‘He is on the journey of regaining a small fraction of his humanity’

We are just a few days away from the launch of the critically-lauded God of War, a video game that is being hailed as a new benchmark for this generation of the medium. Sony have released a video looking at the series violent, troubled protagonist, Kratos.

In the video, God of War’s Creative Director Cory Barlog talks about Kratos’ state of mind leading into this, the fourth mainline game in the series. Barlog speaks of Kratos’ horrific journey to this point, and how shutting himself away from the world and its demons do no good when equally destructive forces reside within your own head. Into this mournful life comes Atreus, Kratos’ son, and a ray of redemption in the warrior’s otherwise scarred, miserable world.

The two-minute video features clips from the game’s cut-scenes, and as such anyone who wishes to go into God of War completely dark may want to give it a pass. Regardless, the video provides a little interesting insight into Kratos’ current psychological state, from the viewpoint of one of the title’s foremost creators.

God of War launches on PS4 this Friday, April 20.