New characters announced for Heroes of the Storm, including a two-player hero


Haha wow

Heroes of the Storm is known for trying some of the more unconventional types of playstyles, and that goes double for the upcoming character Cho’gall. As Warcraftfans know, this famous ogre has two heads, which will allow him to be played by twopeople. Yes, you heard that right, Cho’gall is only available with premade groups, and you need to team up with someone to use him — he cannot be played in a solo queue.

The hero will be balanced as a “tuned up” character, and will count as two kills upon death. “Cho” controls movement and has a set of abilities, and “Gall” can queue up abilities of his own, with separate talent trees. If you play with someone who owns Cho’gall and win two games, you can unlock the hero for free for a limited time. Yeah, it’s pretty wild stuff.

Two other heroes have been confirmed as well — Greymane, and Lunara. The former is a human and Worgen combo, who can transform into his werewolf persona for a more aggressive kit, and back into human form for a defensive set of abilities. Lunara the dryad sounds really fun as well, as she is permanently mounted for an inherent movement bonus, and has standard ranged attacks that stack poison (in the form of a DOT). Oh, and Tracer from Overwatchis coming to the game at some point, as well as a new levelcalled “Towers of Doom” and a new mode called “Arena” (a combat mode where you choose between three random heroes at the start).

Cho’gall, Greymane, and Lunara are playable at BlizzCon and the reception so far has been positive. In the same way I’ve covered every hero since the launch of the game, expect some impressions once these roll out for the general public.

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