New content for Hitman to be revealed October 24, but won't be Season 2


Well shit

Hitman, 2016’s best game, released levels in an episodic format that many agreed was a rare case of that release method working well. Each new level released was a large new map full of ways to kill both the story and elusive targets. Aside from elusive targets and small events, the last new piece of content, the Hokkaido level, was released on October 31, 2016.

Nearly one full year later, developer IO Interactive will reveal new content on October 24, 2017. “We’re going to let the announcement itself do all the talking, but there is one thing we want to clarify before then; this upcoming content is not ‘Season 2’. We’re saying that now to keep expectations in check.”

My immediate reaction to reading it’s not Season 2 was disappointment, but I doubt they’d make big deal out of this if it wasn’t significant content. If not a season announcement, perhaps a new level at least?

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