New Cyberpunk 2077 patch fixes a game breaking bug the last one added



Amid all of theCyberpunk 2077 drama that’s happening with lawsuits from investors and customers alike: CD Projekt Red also needs to hunker down and fix the game. And in an almost comical fashion, the last patch actually added another game-breaking bug into the mix, Bethesda style.

Breaking it down, patch 1.1 arrivedon January 22, and was the first major update for Cyberpunksince launch. It fixed numerous stability issues alongside of some much-needed granular problems, but it also dealt with a particular quest called “Down on the Street.”

Without spoiling anything, the gist was that an NPC needed to call you on the phone to actually keep the main story going: but depending on the circumstances, they may never call. That bug was fixed, but it escalated into another issue for select other players, where the NPC would never actually say anything. It was basically the same bug.

Alas, hotfix 1.11 is out today and should hopefully rectify that game-breaker, so you can actually continue on with the campaign. It’s a real small hotfix in terms of notes, as the only other thing is that “item randomization has been restored to its previous state.”

You can check out the full hotfix notes below, which mention the NPC by name, but don’t give away any major story details.

Hotfix 1.11 [CD Projekt Red]

Hotfix 1.11 is available on PC, consoles and Stadia

This update addresses two issues that appeared after Patch 1.1:

  • Item randomization has been restored to the previous state.

The save/load loot exploit will be investigated further.

  • A bug inDown on the Streetquest has been fixed.

It occurred for some players during a holocall with Takemura, when using a save made on version 1.06 withDown on the Streetquest in progress at “Wait For Takemura’s call” objective. After loading such a save on version 1.1, the holocall would lack dialogue options and block interactions with other NPCs.