New details emerge for a Sly Cooper TV series


So sly, I didn’t even know it was a thing!

If you remember from a few years back, Sony announced it would be producing a film adaptation of the Sly Cooper game series. Based on the popular PS2 mascot platformers, the film was set to follow the adventures of Sly, Murray, and Bentley as they commit petty crimes and fight evil. The teaser trailer looked really promising, but the project went quiet for a few years. Now, it looks like that pitch is being turned into a television series.

Sony is gearing up to premiere a smaller scale version of that original trailer for network broadcast. Encompassing 52 11-minute episodes, the series is set to launch in October 2019 with the first half of the season before resuming in July 2020 with the remaining 26 episodes. It will be produced by Technicolor Animation Productions, famous for the Sonic Boom series. Sadly, there isn’t a new trailer or any stills from the show, so we’re left speculating what the final result will look like.

At the very least, Sony isn’t finished with Sly Cooper just yet.

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