New Detroit Become Human trailers introduce us to the game's android cast


We are the robots

Sony have released three new trailers ahead of the release of Quantic Dream’s moralistic cyber-story Detroit Become Human. Each of the trailers presents us with on of the android protagonists players will control in the shifting-narrative adventure.

First up is Connor – RK800. Connor is designed to assist detectives at crime scenes to establish cause and effect of events using a sophisticated reconstruction device and a variety of in built forensic tests. Connor is the Detroit lead known most famously for taking part in the world’s easiest hostage negotiation atop an apartment building.

The next trailer features Kara – RK200. Kara’s model was created by CyberLife as a household help, performing chores around the home and babysitting your squawking kids. We all know Kara from the infamous domestic violence scene, which you shouldn’t ask creator David Cage about because you wouldn’t ask a film director the same question, or something.

The final video features Markus from the RK200 series. Markus is one of the lesser-advertised characters in the game, but could turn out to be the most important. Owned by celebrated artist Carl Manfred, Markus is taught in the ways of the arts, passion, love and humanity, all of which will help guide him to growth and, ultimately, revolution.

Detroit Become Human launches May 25 on PS4