New Killing Floor 2 weapon microwaves Zeds


Just like pizza rolls

We’re approaching Killing Floor 2‘s Incinerate N’ Detonate content update (I’ve been sayingthisfortoo long, but it’s closer every day), and Tripwire Interactive has shelled out a few more details for us.

The forum post Lighting Up the Nightexplains the returning Firebug perk’s passive boosts and skill tree. Perk weapon damage, reload speed, fire resistance, personal fire resistance, and starting ammo amount will increase as you level up. The skill tree will include choices such as increased range or splash damage and more damage over time or a chance to make your enemies stumble.

But we’re all here for the microwave gun, yes? We’ve seen similar weapons before, like theX-43 MIKEinCrysis. WhatCrysisdidn’t have, however, isKilling Floor 2‘s ridiculous gore system. Get ready for some nasty.

Oh, and there’s a new character for players who also ownRed Orchestra 2: Anton Strasser, a soldier of the German Wehrmacht. But he’s not a microwave gun, so¯\_(ツ)_/¯.