New Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer shows off its modes, from speed and battle to single-player adventure


A lot more than just standard golf

The Mario sports spin-offs have always taken a broader, zanier approach to their respective athletic past-times. In the latest trailer for the upcoming Mario Golf: Super Rush, it definitely seems like the trend is carrying forward, with a surprising number of modes to boot.

Today’s trailer showcases some of the modes included in Super Rush, both multiplayer and single-player. On the competitive side, we’ve already seen Speed Golf, the fast-paced race to the finish where golfers can use special abilities to get ahead. Battle Golf is one step further: a Speed Golf variant with multiple holes to capture, in an almost Mario Kart-like battle arena.

Of course, there’s still standard golf with a host of quality-of-life features. Mario Golf: Super Rush will also have a solo mode called Golf Adventure, where players can take their Mii through the ranks at a country club, completing a variety of challenges and leveling up in the process.

As someone who bounced off Mario Tennis Aces after a week or so, I’m eagerly looking forward to this one. The single-player side seems like it’s got some interesting challenges to hold the player’s attention, and I am all about the bonkers battle modes. I’m really just here for the incredibly good golf attire—did you see Bowser’s visor?—but it looks like Mario Golf: Super Rush is gearing up to bring some more good golfin’ to the Switch on June 25.