The next Metro game is in production, and Metro Exodus is getting a free upgrade on consoles


The new Metro game is being built for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S with a ‘complete overhaul of our engine and renderer’

4A Games is ushering in another decade of Metro with a new entry and a free next-gen upgrade for Exodus while also branching out with a “new AAA experience that can sit alongside the Metro series.”

In a blog post, the studio announced its plans for the next Metro sequel – a PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S release with a “complete overhaul of our engine” and the potential for multiplayer.

Preemptively assuaging fears, 4A Games says it is exploring multiplayer with a “dedicated team” at Saber Interactive so that “it’s not to the detriment of our single-player ambitions.” That said, there’s no guarantee the next Metro will even have the story campaign and multiplayer “in the same package.”

“We are still figuring things out, but know that we are absolutely committed to more single-player, story-driven experiences in the Metro universe that our fans have come to know and love.”

As for the more immediate future, Metro Exodus is leveraging the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S for a “faster frame rate, increased resolution, reduced loading times, and stunning Ray Tracing features” – the works. Exodus will offer an upgrade from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S in 2021. I’m not at all surprised this is happening, and I’m also not surprised it’s going to be free. Good on them.

[Update: the Metro Exodus PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrade is out and 4A Games has a full technical breakdown of what’s new and different.]

These creators have a lot of ambition, and it’s gratifying to see them inch closer to reaching it.

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