New Need for Speed coming 2015, Titanfall and Plants vs Zombies 2016


Who needs to be surprised this E3?

Electronic Arts is adding to its holiday lineup (sports, Battlefront) with a new Need for Speed, according to EA financials. The company decided to chill on yearly Need for Speeds after going from developers Black Box to Criterion to Ghost Games for 2013’s Need for Speed: Rivals.

Criterion, the creators of the Burnout series and last gen racing high point Burnout: Paradise, was reduced to 15 people in 2013. Its co-founders left the studio about six months later and whatever is left of the company showed off a very early prototype of a multi-vehicle (boats, snowmobiles, etc) driving game at E3 last year. That was the conference where EA tried to cover up for having no games under the guise of transparency. “Look at all these prototypes! We’re doing this because we want to, not have to!”

Anyways, this year Need for Speed will be getting another mobile game as well as a new console game from Ghost Games.

As for the “multiplatform” (PS4, we assume) Titanfall 2, “You should assume that’s not in fiscal ’16; it’s more likely in fiscal ’17.” That’s April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017. Plants vs. Zombies is also coming back in 2016, sometime between January and March of next year as a, “bigger and bolder new console experience” that we will hear more about this E3. A Garden Warfare sequel, probably.

New Need for Speed hits this fall, new Plants vs. Zombies in early 2016 [Polygon]