New Neptunia project will exceed expectations by 1000%


I’m holding you to that

Japanese studio Compile Heart recently promoted Hyperdimension Neptunia producer Norihisa Kochiwa to the lofty position of company President. Kochiwa immediately got to work in proving that he was in no way a man given to hyperbole regarding the company’s forthcoming releases.

With his inauguration, Kochiwa released a series of interesting statements regarding the company, including plans to hire more staff and even branch out into other genres. The new Prez then went on to announce that an all-new Neptunia project was in the works, one that will surpass all fan’s expectations by 1000%. Yes, he said that.

That’s a pretty big declaration, especially considering Nep-Nep devotees are often pretty excitable individuals, but hopefully we will discover what is in store for the meta-JRPG series in the near future.

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