New 'one-eyed snake' Pokemon teased in movie trailer


Phallic friendly fun coming your way

Dick jokes are not a part of my mind’s default settings, but I can’t help but notice a clear allusion to a male member when I see one. Teased in a trailer for an upcomingPokémon movie this new armless, legless, bulbous headed monster has been spotted atop the accentin the word “Pokémon“, fearless and fully erect — a literal expression of the “Pocket Monster” moniker.

Like Munchlax, Victini, and many other “movie debut” characters, this new member of thePokémon family will probably appear in film long before he pokes his way into a game, but seeing as how Nintendo has supported Splatoon and other recent titles with free content updates, it’s possible that we’ll see this funny little penis euphemism show up in Pokémon X/Y sometime down the line.

I wonder if drawing him on Miiverse results in an auto-ban?

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