New Pokemon Shuffle update makes the game slightly less sleazy


But it’s not enough

One of the biggest problems with Pokemon Shuffle, beyond its exploitative item system, was the energy mechanic. In short, you could only play a scant five rounds at a time before you had to wait 30 minutes per round to recharge — rounds that would often take 30 seconds or less. Now, it’s slightly less sleazy.

As a result of the 1.2 update today, the game now splits Hearts up into two sections — Hearts that recharge, and Hearts you’ve purchased with Jewels. In other words, buying Hearts in the in-game shop will still allow you to regain your static recharged plays. This wasn’t in the game before. Like I said, it was sleazy.

“Super Catch Mode” is now a rare new mechanic, which allows you to randomly have a better chance of snagging a creature. Level icons are now more prevalent as well when assembling your party, and Mega Evolutions can be boosted. Welcome changes for sure, but these are things that should have been in at launch.

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