New Razer coupon deal for the holidays gets you free accessories


Just gotta buy stuff first

Coupons and Razer go together like ketchup on ice cream. You don’t see them together very often. Three Razer coupons popped up today, and while they are not discount coupons, they do get you free Razer accessories if you spend the right amount.

Razer Coupons/Deals for Holidays

Edit: free USB thumbdrive is when you purchase the Tactical Pro backpack or Hammerhead V2. Nabu Watch/X deal excludes Razer Blade systems.

    Not all the coupons at Razer have the same expiration date. The free Nabu Watch and Nabu X fitness tracker are only valid from now through November 22. The free 8GB USB thumb drive is valid through December 8.

    The higher up the dollar amount, the bigger the value of the Razer accessories. Take the Razer Nabu Watch. Spend $250 and the watch is yours, which may seem trivial if you didn’t know the value of the Razer Nabu Watch is priced at $150 everywhere. That’s a pretty decent bonus. So if you were going to pick up something from Razer in the next few days, you may as well get a free watch or activity tracker out of it.