New Senran Kagura game teased in Peach Beach Splash


Seventh game on deck

Similar to how Kingdom Heartsgames always show a teaser regarding the next game in post-credits scene (sometimes requiring certain conditions be met), the end of Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splashalso teases the seventh game in the franchise. Several scenes are shown before a flaming “7” appears. Note that the video is considered a spoiler forPeach Beach Splash.

Knowing someone else would write this story if I didn’t, I somewhat reluctantly chose it in order to address the spoiler aspect of this story. While it’s easy to just say “the ending teases a new game, but don’t watch the video because it may spoil Peach Beach Splash” as I have done, do you consider the trailer’s existence at the end of the game a spoiler in itself? Of course, we can’t just say “company teases seventh game” without providing the source (the end of the game).

When I first played Kingdom Hearts, I had no idea there was a secret ending alluding to a future game. Discovering it instilled in me the excitement the developers wanted me to experience. While we have come to expect post-credit teasers for Kingdom Heartsgames and even Marvel films, not every series uses them regularly.

Obviously it’s not a major spoiler like “Darth Vader is Luke’s father” but even smaller, non-story related things can chip away at the enjoyment of discovery in games. Don’t take this long explanation to mean this is a bigger issue than it is, but I feel it’s worth discussing. For you Senran Kagurafans, would you have preferred encountering the trailer on your ownas a reward for beating the game?