New Shenmue III 'kiosk' trailer finally features hot forklift action


Ok, NOW we got a Shenmue title

Ys Net has released a short new trailer for its long-awaited sequel Shenmue III. This clip is the same showcase that has been features at many PlayStation 4 kiosks across North America in recent weeks.

In the video, Ryo Hazuki and his lovely bomber jacket are shown continuing the quest to avenge their father’s death at the hands of the evil Lan Di. The brief clip contains footage of Ryo coming to the aid of a troubled fortune teller, chatting with secondary protagonist Lai, visiting the arcade, and engaging in some ropey-ass looking combat.

Most importantly, however, we see Ryo back where he is most comfortable, at the wheel of a forklift truck, whizzing around the docks and carefully negotiating a warehouse. If only our boy could learn to put his terrible past behind him, he could settle down to a life of shipping endeavors, arcade visits and gacha games.

Shenmue III launches on PS4 and PC via Epic Games Store November 19.