New show for gamers might be the worst thing I've ever seen


We’ve achieved maximum awkwardness

Do you like forced memes? Sure you do. Want to see some YouTube clips you’ve probably already seen six months or more ago? Of course!How do you feel about awkwardly inserted slang and grown-ass men talking about “Christmas noobs?” You love it? Well boy howdy, have I got a show for you.

OP Gamers, boldly finding a way to re-capitalize on YouTube content and gamer culture. It’s like Tosh.0, only somehow even more embarrassing and ostensibly made for you. Or rather an idea of you, of what you like, how you talk, and what you’d find interesting — A rather low opinion of you that’s condescending and mortifying. Say what you will about Nick Arcade, at least they were honest about making a show for children.

Still, I recommend you check it out, if only to see what the mainstream understands about gaming culture. This is the kind of stilted, horrifying car crash of a show that will make the Everything is Terrible clips of the future. Savor it for the cultural specimen it is.