New trademarks for Onimusha spotted


And now we cross our fingers…

Is it the right time for Onimusha to return? Earlier this month, Capcom filed trademarks for Onimusha in multiple regions, rekindling hope for fans of the early 2000s action-adventure series. With games like Nioh catching on in a surprisingly big way, I could see a revival doing quite well.

Hopefully it’s a just matter of when, not if. Onimusha and Dino Crisis fans have been patient.

With nothing more than these listings and recent history to go on, a remastered collection seems like a safe bet. We last heard about the series in 2015 when Capcom registered an Onimusha trademark in Japan. I’d be fine with an HD compilation, but I’m dreaming of what a remake might look like.

[Via ResetEra]