New trailer for Switch title Little Town Hero sees ingenuity beat might


Think on, kid…

Pokemon developer Game Freak has released a lovely new trailer for its cute looking RPG Little Town Hero, which launches digitally on Nintendo Switch next month.

As related during the Nintendo Direct held earlier this month, Little Town Hero is the story of a young boy named Axe who dreams of an exciting life of adventure outside of his peaceful, sleepy village. Aventure finds him, however, in the form of a swarm of villains and monsters who attack Axe’s sleepy little ‘berg.

As a kid, and not much of a match for his enemies, Axe must rely on “ideas” to get through battles, synergising skills, adapting tactics, and using type-based attacks and tools in order to win the day. I’m looking forward to seeing what Game Freak can produce once let free of its Pokemon enclosure. As an added attraction, Little Town Hero features a soundtrack composed by Toby Fox, creator of the popular RPG Undertale.

Little Town Hero launches on Nintendo Switch October 16.

Little Town Hero 30 second trailer [Gematsu]