New Undercover Brella coming to Splatoon 2 this weekend


Looks wet out…

Hot off of last week’s Squeezer, Nintendo are adding a second all-new weapon to their arena shooter, Splatoon 2. This weekend’s addition to the burgeoning arsenal is the spy-themed Undercover Brella.

The Undercover Brella’s design is based around hidden gadgetry, kind of like The Penguin, or that guy in The Avengers (No, not those Avengers). It has lower durability than the average Brella, but can be fired while opened. The canopy also has a semi-transparent design, to aid close-proximity aiming.

An interesting new addition, the Undercover Brella comes equipped with an Ink Mine sub and Splashdown special. It will be available in later this evening in the U.S. with Europe and Japan to follow early tomorrow.


— Splatoon(スプラトゥーン) (@SplatoonJP) December 29, 2017