New Venom trailer actually has Venom in it


But look at that terrible CG

Remember that first Venom trailer? The one without Venom in it, that looked awful? I sure do. I’ve been a fan of Spider-Man and his cavalcade of villains for a long time, but I was in no way excited by Sony’s first showing of its attempt at a standalone Venom movie.

This second trailer is better.

We get a better look at the character of Eddie Brock though, and that’s a neat touch. Brock is a reporter investigating shady experiments being performed by Dr. Carlton Drake when he’s accidentally exposed to the symbiote. The dynamic on display between Brock and and the symbiote is actually pretty interesting. Both are battling for control, with Brock clearly unable to master the demon within him.

We also get to see, well, Venom, for one. This is the first time the character has appeared onscreen since Spider-Man 3, and it is a welcome return. Though the visual effects and CG on Venom’s various tendrils and appendages look pretty weak, Venom himself looks gleefully evil.

Here’s hoping the final product impresses when Venom hits theaters on Oct. 5, 2018.