New video details Kolin's ice capades in Street Fighter V


ICE to meet you, Kolin

I’ve been enamored with Kolin, the first of five brandnew characters in Street Fighter V‘s second season of DLC, ever since her reveal trailer. Judging by this new introductory video released by Capcom, the hype may have been warranted.

Her V-Skill is essentially a counter, her V-Trigger disables stun recovery if you’re hit by it, and I believe she has six or so target combos, which is huge in a game like Street Fighter since it gives her a wider variety of options to deal damage. She’s got a rekka-type fighting style which allows her to quickly chain moves together, but the caveat seems to be that she does less damage per hit.

Kolin’s going to take nimble fingers to master, and I’m definitely going to try my best to do kick some ice with her when she’s available to download February 28th.