Newcomer Double Dragon IV's 8-bit graphics prey on your nostalgia


They’re gonna take you back to the past

Double Dragonis back, I guess. Ignoring titles like Super Double Dragon, Double Dragon V, and Double Dragon Neon, this game gets the Double Dragon IVtitle and takes place after Double Dragon II. Whatever you think it should be called, it’s going to be available for PlayStation 4 and Steam on January 20, 2017. It’ll be 800 yen which is roughly seven US dollars.

Double Dragon Neonwas neat modern realization of the series, and now that Arc System Works has taken the reigns one might think it would get some nice Guilty Gearstyle art or at least some sort of modern graphics, but they decided to go retro. By “retro” I don’t mean the original arcade style graphics, but the NES 8-bit style instead. Sure it’s a cheap game to make a quick buck, but I can’t help but feel underwhelmed.

Many games that have a retro look nowadays also have a modern design and let you switch between them. Maybe it’s unfair to expect everyone to do it, but games are still business and you need to adapt. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nostalgia trip, but at least do the arcade style or include a more modern design. Something about this just seems lazy to me.