Newest Injustice 2 trailer explains the gear system


Apparently “infinitely rewarding”

In theory, a loot and gear system fits a game like Injustice 2. In theory. Games like Super Smash Bros. set the precedent for unlockable, customizable moves and NetherRealm already displayed an ability to create multiple variations of a single character in Mortal Kombat X, so Injustice 2’s gear system could be a combination of the two.

But while this newest trailer explains exactly what the new gear system entails, it still doesn’t answer the technical questions. How will the gear be unlocked? The trailer hints at “key moments” for special moves, but that could range anywhere from story mode play to winning like 50 matches in a row or something. If NetherRealm is smart about this, then it’ll make a lot of the gear unlockable in story mode. It’s where general fans interested in the gear’s visual quirks will spend most (and likely all) of their time as the players who choose to get more intense with it will ignore this feature all together as its numerous perks and stats won’t be allowed in tournament play.

But since gear is also tied into character leveling, it’s more likely you’ll be unlocking bits in arcade mode (presuming Injustice 2 has one, of course), challenges, and online.

Too bad about thoseSource Crystalsthough.

Injustice 2is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One May 16.