Next Call of Duty looks to be another Black Ops, and has a reveal date



The hype train powering the next Call of Dutyreveal has been rolling along at full speed ever since Snapchat QR codes started showing up in the multiplayer levels of Black Ops II. It looks like that will all come to a head on April 26, judging by this new teaser.

This recently released trailer seems mostly overly-“futuristic” and nonsensical, but the end gives us the date we’ll know all about 2015’s Call of Duty. It’s also titled #BackInBlack, and prominently features the black and orange color scheme that has acted as a trademark of sorts for the Black Opssub-series. Also making an appearance is the outline of the character that graced the Black Ops IIbox art.

Another Black Opsmakes sense given that its Treyarch’s turn in the three-company Call of Dutybatting order. That’s been the developers baby for the previous two installments. World at Warwas the last game its developed before starting Black Ops. It’s a pretty safe bet that come April 26, we’ll see the series return to the likes of assassination plots, infiltrations, and tactical espionage.