Next Killing Floor 2 map takes us to the Black Forest


You always need a spooky forest

Killing Floor 2’s last major updatebrought two new maps, two new perks, and all sorts of necessary improvements. It’s still in Steam Early Access, and each chunk of new content is bringing it closer to full release.

So far, we know the next update will be featuring the Gunslinger perk, which focuses on dual-wielding. There’s some speculation that it will be paired with the eagerly-awaited Sharpshooter perk, but there’s no confirmation as of yet. However, Tripwire Interactive announced today that the next new map will be the Black Forest, where “You have been sent deep into these murky woods to find something (and it doesn’t look like it involves cake).” It reminds me of Wyre from the first game, which combined open forest with narrow, subterranean corridors.

Tripwire also wants to know how you’d prefer to aim two guns at once. There’s the original “hold the guns a little farther out and zoom in” version of aiming, or the “iron sight with one gun and leave the other in place” method. It looks like you’ll be able to do both, but you can vote on which one you think should be the default mode.

The Steam Modding Workshop is also on its way, so players will be able to upload maps and mutators for other people to download. No release date has been given for any of this content yet, so hopefully we’ll see something before the end of the year.

WWAUT – Into the Woods [Tripwire Interactive]