Next Splatfest asks what superpower would you rather have


Ability to fly or be invisible.

Hot off the heels of the recent mayonnaise vs ketchup (semper fidelis mayonnaise) Splatfest, Nintendo of Europe has announced the theme for the Splatfest scheduled for September 1st through 3rd. That weekend you’ll have to choose whether you’d rather fly or become invisible. No specific details have been put out but it would be cool to see them implement the abilities for the weekend but I doubt that they would be able to alter the core game that much just for a limited time event.

The true and clear winner here will be flight, I mean outside of sneaking around or high intensity bird-watching what good is invisibility? With flight you get the high ground every time, you can tell those corporate fat cats in the flight industry where they can stick their bag fees, and you can spit on people you don’t like and play it off as a bird pooping on them. So which side are you on? The side that can fly or the wrong side of history?

Whatever Marina chooses

— Inkling Mario (@quagmario) August 17, 2017

O-ok, I guess that’s a way to decide your power as well.

Nintendo of Europe [tweet]