Next week's Splatfest is a campfire debate


Two new weapons in Splatoon tonight

I linked news of the next American Splatfest in our staff chat and it snowballed into a discussion about condiments. Leave it to Splatoon to get us talking about the real issues, like whether ketchup is too boring and what’s best to roast over a campfire — hot dogs or marshmallows?

The latter question is the topic of next week’s Splatfest. It’s set to take place within Splatoon from Friday, August 7 at 9:00pm Pacific to Saturday, August 8 at 9:00pm Pacific. Pick a side and play!

I’m somehow two for two with Splatfests, which means I have more Super Sea Snails than I know what to do with. Help me keep this streak going, Team (“Slightly” Burnt) Marshmallow.

Nintendo also previewed the latest pair of weapons: the Inkbrush Nouveau (Ink Mines, Bubbler), and the Range Blaster (Splash Wall, Inkstrike). They’ll be available tonight at 7:00pm Pacific.